Welcome To Ignite Radio.

Daniel & Callum - Founders of Ignite Radio

Danny & Callum – Founders of Ignite Radio

Ignite Radio is your source for great UK chart music and Top-40 hits! We are a 24/7 radio station, so you can tune in anytime you want and listen to some quality music! Or tune in to regular evening shows, chart shows, comedy talk shows and more. You can listen to us anytime through the Tune-In app, available for iOS, Android, Windows RT and Symbian.

(The Tune-In app will work with any Android device, the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini, and any Windows device, like the Microsoft Surface, and the Nokia Lumia)

At Ignite Radio, every member is valued for what they put into the station. We give young people the chance to produce high quality programming, to collaborate on high profile projects, and to get hands on with the industry, all the way from assisting clients and presenting programs, to graphic and web design.

If you want to get involved with the station, or are interested in advertising with us, please visit our contact page.




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